The Vision

Education to promote individual growth and nurture young minds for the collective
growth of the nation at large.

Travancore Arts & Science College

TAS aspires to be a medium to propagate and inculcate in students their need to focus.

Located at the heart of Travancore

TAS promises great opportunities that comes with
geographical viability.

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Why Choose TAS

Travancore college of arts and science, affiliated to Kerala University, is located in Trivandrum, the capital of the state of Kerala. The college has a diligently designed curriculum for arts and science streams, which aims to support the future prospects of the students. Established in the year 2019, the Travancore college of arts and science stands tall in the heart of Travancore. An esteemed community of scholars, leaders, academicians and entrepreneurs launched the college with an urge to impart modern education, and contribute to the nation at large. The vision and mission of the college is to facilitate at par education, with access to amenities and a secure environment with space for individual growth.

Affiliated to University of Kerala

Computer Training

Our curriculum emphasizes on technical education. Computers and internet facilities are available to be utilized academically. Because of its relevance today, we encourage students to have a safer environment to use them. A team of computer experts will provide with technical guidance and training to bring the best out of our students.

English coaching

Language is an important tool for communication and english is the most widely used among all the languages available. We have a team of teachers with an excellent command in spoken English and its grammatical usage. Students can utilize this expertise to improve their communication and writing skills.


Library at TAS has a brilliant collection of all the books selected to help the curriculum, and also in variety of topics to meet the demands of avid readers. Library is spacious and designed to give a calm and peaceful environment to read. We hope to inbuilt in the young minds to read more and concentrate on their mental wealth.


  • Arts Fest Day- May 21

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